Thursday, July 28, 2011


I *Love* woodworking.  I am a follower of 'Not JUST a Housewife' it's a DIY blog that features links to cool blog posts from other DIY-er's.  While reading through back posts, I came across the bloggers instructions for making a simple side table.  I thought to myself  "Hmmm, I could do that!" and so I did.  I borrowed tools from Chris's dad and I set to task.  I had to go to the Menards and purchase supplies.  That was very nerve-wracking as I wasn't sure what I was doing.  But Chris came along to help give me direction - but stood back and let me do it myself!  (How else am I going to learn!)  After a short tutorial on how to run the power tools (My dad was a woodworker so I have a basic idea!) I set to work. 

Here I am sanding my table after we put it together. Now I have to be honest; I was a little (a lot) scared. But I love learning new skills and when I was finished I felt so empowered. Chris grabbed a shot with his cell phone. Look at my cheesey grin. I was so relieved that the table didn't wobble.

The table turned out fabulous.  I was going for a worn, barnwood look.  I stained the top and then I sanded the middle to make it look worn.  The next couple of coats I did around the edges and I used a wadded up paper towel and I went around the edges in a circular pattren.  I wanted to slowly fade it into the darker outside edges ...

If anybody tries their hand at making this table - please be sure to send me pictures. =)

Sunny Summer Blessings ...