Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My FAVORITE new toy

I am not the greatest photographer.  I recently invested in Adobe Photoshop Lightoom 2 and now my pictures look very professional.  The premise behind Lightroom is by using 'presets' you are able to enhance the lighting of your digital photo.  You also have the option to organize digital images to make them more accessible, you are able to process your photos quickly, and then able to share your edited photos through slide shows, prints and web galleries.  Lightroom allows you to work with your images right from the start when you import the images from your memory card.  You are able to edit the good, delete the bad, group your pics into categories and print the photos you want.  The print module has the ability to print contact sheets.  This feature is one of my favorites.  Alot of Pictures on one sheet makes a nice gift or keepsake.


  Over Labor Day weekend, we spent an afternoon out at the BUCKWOODS enjoying the beauty of the season.  Gabe and I were able to steal away on the four - wheeler for a few hours so I could take pictures of the scenery.  This RED MAPLE had already started to change.  In this photo, I am trying to catch the essence of the breath taking beauty of the leaves and season.  The picture by itself wasn't special.  Once I used Lightroom to enhance the photo, the beauty was able to shine through.

Pug NEEDS a Patch and a Parrot

I caught H1N1. No, I didn't grow a snout. But my pug did pop out her eyeball. While I was sick and laid up in living room recliner, my dogs were not getting their regularly scheduled walks. If you have animals, then you know just how important this is ... They were fighting, I mean teeth bared, snapping and snarling. In my flu-induced stupor, I tried to pull them apart. Oh, bad Idea. Somehow, the PUG was wenched just right because her eye popped out. of her head. Gabe took her to the emergency vet and they put it back in and sewed the eyelid shut. It was major surgery.

When she came home wearing the 'cone of shame,' I knew she was miserable. She would rub and scratch on the furniture trying her darndest to remove her cone. After 3 weeks of the cone and having her eye stitched shut, we went to the vet to have the stitches removed. Unfortunately, she lost the vision in the eye. So we joke that our Pug needs a Patch and a Parrot.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Golden Birthday!!

Happy Golden Birthday Forrest!!! Forrest is 15 today!

Scrapbook Pages.

I was going through our Scrapbooks and I found some pages that I wanted to share. **Please forgive the photo quality. I've learned to keep the pages in the albums through an unfortunate incident with Orange Juice!**

This page was to commemorate the Easter Dinner that my auntie cooked wearing an apron that was my grandma. As you can tell, she does NOT like to cooperate for pictures.

The name of this page is "Eat Beef!" I bought that chicken suit at a garage sale while Bree was still in my tummy. I wanted to take a nice picture to frame for my mom's kitchen. But, Bree was not impressed with the suit. Before the meltdown, Gabe grabbed her pig. I thought they turned out cute. I used the paper as part of a challenge. I ended up getting stuck where I'm at...

This was a layout that I did using a page map. The supplies are out of kit from 'Chatterbox!' When we would go to my Aunt Brenda's Bree was obsessed with her doll collection. Here was when auntie melted and let Bree play with one of her dollies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scrappin' for Home Decor

I *Love* to scrapbook. But sometimes I get discouraged placing my hard work inside of albums. The Frame is a $5 frame that I bought at Wal-Mart. I lightly sanded and painted Ivory. After it was dry I painted it Autumn Brown which I lightly took off using a wet paper towel. When The light brown dried I went through and painted a dark brown in the cracks and I wiped off with a paper towel. Then Gabe sprayed it with a clear Krylon and we let it set overnight.

I love this picture. It captures the essence of my daughter. So I tried to match it as best as I could. The frame is 11x14. So I stitched the 2 papers (Stampin' Up!) together using an "in-stitchz" template from Bazzill! (love those!) Then I used my Silhouette to cut out her name!!! I had the "Cherish" rub-on in my stash. I was dying to use ribbon, but I wanted to keep it simple!!!!

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowflakes Landing on my Tongue

I love these pictures of Bailey. They were taken during the winter of 2006, while we still lived at our old apartment. The pictures show a whimsical side to Bailey, he is usually quite serious.

Awhile ago, I bought a book from "Autumn Leaves" called 'Designing with Digital.' Not only is it an idea book, but it came with an elements CD. So tonight, I was playing with the CD & reading the information. I decided to try out some of their tips in PSE5.

The snowflakes are using the 'overlay' setting. It was a pain as I had to re-size each one. But I think they add a little something extra.

~Stay warm....

Sketch from Scrap Freak

I belong to an online scrapping community called "Scrap Freak." They have scrapping chat rooms, a place where you can post your pages and receive feedback, a gallery for inspiration plus a great store. It's a fabulous site.

In my email newsletter from them, there was a challenge to see what you can come up with the provided sketch. So, I've spent my afternoon working on my sketch challenge.
Here is my scrapbook page. The background cardstock is "Sugar Daddy" from Bazzill. It's out of their 'Bling' collection. It has a sheen to it. I love Bazzill Bling and now our local Michael's carries it. The patterened paper, ribbon, & metal accents are left over from my Stampin' Up! days. I cut out the letters for 'CONCENTRATION' with my Silhouette. I **LOVE** my Silhouette! Anyhoo. Hope you enjoy.

~Stay warm.

Hybrid Scrapping

What is "Hybrid Scrapping" you may ask... Well, it's a mix of digital & regular scrapping. I used a drag & drop template, printed it, and then I scrapped it on regular paper. It's a work in progress but I wanted to share with you. This idea is super cool because you can add digital elements but still have the opportunity to play with stickers & paper.
I know the picture is cock-eyed, but you get the jist. I used the same template but on the right page I mirrored the image. Then I dug through my stash to see what I had for christmas-y paper & stickers. It didn't turn out quite right, but I've made a mental note for when I'm out shopping to see what kind of goodies I can come up with.

~ Stay Warm

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Makin' Jewelry

It's been so stinkin' cold. It's hard to find activities that are fun inside. Here are a few things that I've made.

This necklace & earrings are made out of chips of aventurine and amethyst. Both stones have magical healing properties.
  • Aventurine symbolizes tranquility and patience It gives the wearer inner equilibrium and stimulates dreaming. Aventurine relieves anxieties and promotes relaxation and recuperation.
  • Amethyst is said to attract justice. It wards off danger. Amethysts have a soothing, relaxing effect and promote healthy sleep. Placed under your pillow it prevents nightmares.

I call this jewelry set "Downtown Brown." I used a glass bead mix with Swarovski crystals and gold findings. I love how it turned out. I hope you can make out the detail.

~Stay Warm

Monday, January 5, 2009

All American Rejects

I love the "All American Rejects!!!" I have no idea what type of music they play but guaranteed, when I hear their music I feel better!! (Any band that can use BEER BOTTLES as an instrument is *awesome* right?? So while checking out yahoo today, I found they did cover of Britney Spears 'Womanizer.' Made me laugh so I wanted to share it with you.

This is the link. Sorry, I couldn't figure how to add the video directly to the blog!!!!

My 3 Sons

My three younger boys really like to ham it up for the camera. This picture was taken in August 2006, but still one of my very favorites. Forrest is a teenager now so I think that translate into un-cooperative. When I pull out the camera, he hits the road. What's a mom to do?

Warm Winter Wishes...

Another DigiScrappin' Page

I am in love with the convenience of digiscrappin' !!! I can plop down in front of the TV with Gabe & get busy making pages. I wanted to include another page. This page is to commemorate the day I made tie dye t-shirts with Melayna's older sisters, McKenzie & Mikaela. We had ALOT of fun...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Little Something New.

Over the summer, I took up a new hobby. I was watching my older girls who come when there is no school. While trying to find projcts to keep them busy, I bought $10 jewelry kit and the rest is history.

This one is my Favorite. It's copper findings with turquoise and Swarovski crystals.

My other favorite has gold findings, freshwater pearls, glass pearls in chocolate, taupe and Ivory.

I like to wear alot of pink so I made this one to complement.... It has rose embossed silver findings, a pink mix of czech glass beads, and clear Swarovski crystals.

~Stay Warm

You Gotta Love a Daddy's Girl

While going through my pictures from yesterday, I came across a few that I thought was precious. My daughter & her daddy. Bree is such a daddy's girl. Of course, he's wrapped around her tiny lil' finger...

Stay Warm....

Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is our 5 month Old Boxer, Bella. We came upon her and a few of her siblings while shopping at our local PetSmart. After a squeal of delight, I held her & I was instantly smitten. Gabe wasn't so sure we needed another dog. After all we have Grace & she makes sure that she is the center of attention. Bella was tiny when we brought her home (6 pounds!) She is meant to be a companion for Gabe (since I have Grace the pug!) but she is a source of entertainment for our whole family.

We've been outside today enjoying the snowfall. Bella joined us for a romp in the snow. Check out those ears... She looks like she's about to take flight. Normally, Boxers ears are cropped to stand straight up. But to be honest, we love her the way she is... Bella's ears are very expressive (much like Gabe's eyebrow/s).

If I'm lucky, maybe I can get a shot of her mischief ears...


Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Oh My Gosh! It is snowing out today. We broke the record for snowfall last month, but I was just tickled to see it out snowing again. It's warm and the flakes are fat, the best kind of snow. I packed Gabe & the kiddos up so they could enjoy the weather. They are on their way sledding. But before they could go, Gabe had to shovel out the driveway so I took advantage of the opportunity to take a few (120) snapshots of the kids playing before they left....

Here is the whole Kit & Kaboodle:

From L to R: Forrest 15, Bailey (Red Coat) 10, Jaden 9, BreeBree 3, & Connor 7 -- Nice looking group, eh? That is the snowbank that lines our driveway. We have huge drifts & then with the crazy wind patterns we have bare spots in our yard!!!

This is Bailey and our 5 month old boxer, Bella. She is always good for a giggle!!

I'm sure that snowball is meant for a brother, the oldest I'm sure.....

Jaden was hit with a snowball in the eye. He is putting on a brave face but I *KNOW* he is plotting his revenge.

BreeBree decided she needed to try her hand at snow balls too.....

I think I heard somewhere that if chickens (or turkeys) look at the rain, they'll drown. I wonder if the same is true for my pug. Grace is under Gabe's truck, hiding from the snow.....

Stay warm....

Let's take a look....

So, I'm still new to the digiscrappin' but before I get busy I wanted to share a couple more pages before I get busy creating or chores..... Now keep in mind, I'm beginnin'....
This is freebies from Two Peas in a Bucket. I love this picture of Bree - Bree.

From Scrapbooks etc., you can download Quick Collage templates that you basically drag & drop pictures and their elements. I would suggest that you spend some time with the instructions from 'The Shabby Shoppe' first. I think you need a good understanding of the basics before you attempt the templates. Although they do have a nice instructional video and written instructions. I have to admit that I attempted the collages before I knew what I was doing. It was frustrating but once I figured it out, I was psyched. This is Melayna. Isn't she precious? She is my daytime baby....

Here is the link to the templates, layouts & instructional video:

Again, let me know if you have questions.

Intro to Digital Scrapbooking

OK, I'll admit it. I am a scrapbook collector. I love to buy stuff for the pages I plan to scrapbook, but I never seem to have the opportunity to sit down & do it. Then one day while reading the blog of the infamous Emily Giovanni, I came across a digital scrapbooking page. Of course, Emily is extremely talented but I decided to search the web to see what I could find.

I found the best website with an awesome tutorial. It's at The Shabby Shoppe. The tutorials are excellently written. Also they provide the papers & embellishments for starting I strongly suggest that you download the freebie & work along with the video tutorial. The video lesson has great tips & tricks for effectively using the tools provided...

I'm adding my first page with the freebies provided. Now, don't laugh, I'm just beginning.This is the link for the tutorials:

Once you finished your first page & helplessy addicted to the ease of digi-scrappin' you'll want to collect more scrapbook packs. I'd personally download the freebies. At Two Peas in a Bucket, they have a ton of digital freebies to download & play with. They also have a nice collection of free fonts. OOOOhhhh... Fonts. I love fonts. We'll do a font tutorial soon...

For a nice selection of digital freebies go to this link:

If you're having troubles let me know. I'd love to see your work.....

xx Ta-Ta

Friday, January 2, 2009

Times are a Changin' ...

Happy New Years Everyone.... My family and I were in bed by 11:05. I know, I know we are in central time but we did watch the ball drop on TV (gotta love Dick Clark!)

We were graced by a princess. Yes, Cinderella!!! Isn't she precious? Bree Bree (Beautiful little girl, 3 years old..) received this dress from Santa for Christmas.

The Hooligans (Bailey, Jaden, & Connor) all received their dream presents from Santa. They now send the majority of their time with their noses stuck in brand-new Nintendo DS. Gabe & I barely hear a peep out of them..... Thanks Santa!!!!