Friday, January 21, 2011

Jaden's Band Concert

Jaden's First Band Concert
It was a scary decision to let Jaden's be in the band.  He is disorganized and he has a hard time following through on various aspects of his life.  When he brought home the band permission sheet, I was apprehensive.  Jaden decided that he was going to play the French horn.  I think he liked this particular horn because it's big and loud and rather obnoxious looking.  He has become rather fond of his horn and he's nick-named him "horny," 

We were getting ready for his first band concert.  I have to be honest, I was very nervous.  (After all, I had heard him practicing.)  Jaden choose to do a solo.  The song chosen for his debut: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  I must say - I was very impressed.  Bravo Jaden, Bravo!!!

"Even a SMALL star SHINES in the darkness." ~ Finnish Proverb

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Welcome Home!

We moved into this big beauty in December.  It's 5 bedroom and 3 bath.  The kids still have to share but it's not like before where we had all 4 boys sharing one bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds.  We had spent 3 years crammed into a 3 bedroom twinhome.  It's amazing to have space.  The kids really enjoy it too.

Here is our backyard.  There is probably twice as much snow back there now.  We've had a series of blizzards that have made life a ... difficult.  But it's the price we pay for no spiders, snakes, centipedes -- any sort of poisonous creepy crawly.  In our backyard there is a built in fire pit and a coy pond.  The trees provide a lot of shade and there is a sweet flower garden back there too.

and LOOK...  I have a window over my sink.  In the twinhome it was just a hole in the wall where a pretend window could fit.  I am the mother of 6 children - I spend ALOT of time at the sink...

One True Poem From A Housewife: an Excerpt

Posted By: Head Yenta

This morning all I ask; is a wee bit a wisdom before my tasks.
The laundry, the dishes, my children’s needs and wishes.
The packing, the stacking, the order of the house is lacking.
I stand in an old, old house that slopes in the kitchen,
And I reckon the heart of any home is in that dip in front of the sink.
It’s enough to drive me to drink - to think of some other woman who stood here before; Growing old on this here slanted floor.

Stay Warm.