Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scrapbook Pages.

I was going through our Scrapbooks and I found some pages that I wanted to share. **Please forgive the photo quality. I've learned to keep the pages in the albums through an unfortunate incident with Orange Juice!**

This page was to commemorate the Easter Dinner that my auntie cooked wearing an apron that was my grandma. As you can tell, she does NOT like to cooperate for pictures.

The name of this page is "Eat Beef!" I bought that chicken suit at a garage sale while Bree was still in my tummy. I wanted to take a nice picture to frame for my mom's kitchen. But, Bree was not impressed with the suit. Before the meltdown, Gabe grabbed her pig. I thought they turned out cute. I used the paper as part of a challenge. I ended up getting stuck where I'm at...

This was a layout that I did using a page map. The supplies are out of kit from 'Chatterbox!' When we would go to my Aunt Brenda's Bree was obsessed with her doll collection. Here was when auntie melted and let Bree play with one of her dollies.

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