Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pug NEEDS a Patch and a Parrot

I caught H1N1. No, I didn't grow a snout. But my pug did pop out her eyeball. While I was sick and laid up in living room recliner, my dogs were not getting their regularly scheduled walks. If you have animals, then you know just how important this is ... They were fighting, I mean teeth bared, snapping and snarling. In my flu-induced stupor, I tried to pull them apart. Oh, bad Idea. Somehow, the PUG was wenched just right because her eye popped out. of her head. Gabe took her to the emergency vet and they put it back in and sewed the eyelid shut. It was major surgery.

When she came home wearing the 'cone of shame,' I knew she was miserable. She would rub and scratch on the furniture trying her darndest to remove her cone. After 3 weeks of the cone and having her eye stitched shut, we went to the vet to have the stitches removed. Unfortunately, she lost the vision in the eye. So we joke that our Pug needs a Patch and a Parrot.

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